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Oct-Dec & End of year round-up
  ToT)MidiaN(, Dec 31 2013

During October I completely lost my interest in this game. I had attained my 300k VPP milestone on PokerStars and withdrew all my bankroll. As far as I was concerned I was done with PokerStars for the year. I didn't blog my results as I had stopped caring and felt that it was pointless. Early in November I made a very small deposit on iPoker and intended to just grind a few tables there for not many hours, but expected that due to weaker games and increased focus due to 4 regular tables vs the usual 8 zoom tables I've been playing this year that I'd still make a decent amount of money just through having a much better winrate. I couldn't always even find 4 tables running so I barely played there at all and moved back to PokerStars mid-late November. At this point I decided that if I'm going to play on PokerStars I mayaswell make an effort to hit the 400k VPP milestone target. I needed to make about 100k VPPs in ~45 days which, playing 8 tables split between 100NL zoom and 200NL zoom would take me a little over 3 hours a day. This seemed doable. I am unbelievably lazy and struggle immensely to find motivation though, so as time went on the amount I needed to play just kept getting higher and higher due to me falling behind a seemingly "easy to maintain" pace. With just a few days left this year I needed to be playing 6 hours a day, and knowing that I would be going out tonight to get smashed, I would have to get above that and only leave myself with a small amount of time left on New Year's Eve. I actually did it, but even maintaining 6+ hours a day for 4 days has already caused a lot of stress haha. Mad respect to people who make SNE, seriously. Anyway, I've finally hit my 400k VPP milestone just now and here are my Oct-Dec results aswell as my end of year results (Screenshot intensive obv):

October Cash:

October MTT:

October Results:
Cash: +$1,547.85
MTT: -$74.80
Overall: +$1,473.05

November Cash:

November MTT:

November Results:
Cash: +$2,908.90
MTT: -$1,209.44
Overall: +$1,699.46

December Cash:

December MTT:

December Results:
Cash: +$8,633.43
MTT: +$323.09
Results: +$8,956.52

2013 Cash:

2013 MTT:

2013 Results:
Cash: +$39,695.93
MTT: -$7,764.01
VIP Milestone + Miscellaneous Bonuses: +$10,600 (Maybe missing some out, not sure)
FPPs: ~1,400,000 (+$22,400)
Overall: +$64,931.92

Obv some run good in terms of winnings vs EV at 500NL zoom and to some degree at 200NL zoom, though I think my EV is underestimating my winrates as both of those stakes. I had a ~300k breakeven stretch at 200NL zoom with lots of run bad at D game play due to tilt. I would be amazed if I'm <2 EV bb/100 there over 1mill+ hands and would be surprised if I was <0 EV bb/100 over 1mill hands of 500NL zoom, where I feel I had an unreal bad run in terms of situations over those 100k hands. I feel far short of the monetary goals I had for myself, but $65k is about £40k and that's a lot better than I'd be doing if I wasn't playing poker so I can't grumble too much.

2014 goals are to decrease # of cash tables to 4 zoom or 6 regular aswell as decreasing hours. I hope mainly that this will increase enjoyment and lower stress. I want to feel more involved in the game than I do at the moment where I'm just robot moding 8 tables at my B-D game seemingly just to make rakeback. I would like to improve my MTT game, and probably aim to put more hours into MTTs than Cash next year, just hoping to luckbox a big MTT so I can quit poker and move on. I think my long term future in poker is probably going to be based on playing some live MTTs while working some other job or studying some course so I really wanna get better at them so I can both profit and enjoy them. I'm going to start working out and dieting again in a hope to feel better mentally and physically on a day to day basis. Cutting down on alcohol will help this also. And lastly I'd like to start making some active progress towards my next step after I'm done with poker, even if this just means deciding on a course to start in 2015, as long as I get to the end of 2014 with a solid idea of what I want to do I will feel one step closer to ending the misery that is being an online poker professional hah. That's pretty much it for this year. I don't think I'm going to keep this blog going next year. I really only made it this year to keep track of my progress and use it as a way to motivate myself into playing better and playing more. But I don't think it's had any such effect, really all it has done has wasted me however many hours I've spent on typing these posts out.

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  ToT)MidiaN(, Oct 01 2013

Abysmal month in every respect. My birthday night out wasn't what I'd hoped, fitness and diet plans continue to be stuck on hold as I can't find the motivation to get back on it, I had to sell my M3 and downsize (To a 2012 MkIII Focus ST2) due to high running costs and continually high expenditure in general and to compound the problem I barely played any poker and when I did I couldn't win for shit.

I've now left myself 121,149.28 VPPs short of the 400k VPP milestone, so I need ~40k each of the 3 remaining months, an amount I've not achieved in quite a while. It would be stupid of me to get to 370k VPPs or something and leave myself just 50 hours short of the 400k VPP bonus, which I believe is $3.2k, or $64/hour extra JUST for the milestone not including the 100k ish FPPs (Another $1.6k bonus) that I'd make on top of that. Guess I gotta pull my finger out this month, especially as I'm gonna be in Ireland for 6 days late in the month and have another couple of weekends taken up by birthday parties and following day hangovers. Not gonna be easy.

In terms of actual winrates this month I didn't do too badly at all, just I tended to win at 100NL zoom and lose at 200NL zoom, a trend that seems all too commonplace in the last couple of months. I continue to experiment with my game and I've made a lot of changes to both my preflop and postflop game plans, and it seems to be going well mostly, I just need to get in more volume and stop running like dogshit at 200NL. If I get really short of time in which to make up VPPs I might have to look at jumping in to a few 500NL zoom or even 200PLO zoom games to catch up a bit, though I'm likely small dogs in both those games when they don't have especially weak lineups.

MTTs continued to go shite. WCOOP was a waste of effort. I got relatively deep in a few tournaments during WCOOP, but they were mainly some of the smaller tournaments I was playing alongside the WCOOP events which had small buyins and thus small returns, and none of them was deep enough to final table unfortunately. I almost bought in to the WCOOP main event with 100% of my own action just hoping to luck box but I had already been awake 12 hours by the time the tournament started, had been active all day and thus felt way too tired to commit to the ~12 hours or however long you have to play to make Day 2. One of these days I'll luckbox something though, I can't possibly be a dog in the lineup of virtually any MTT in existence.

Anyway; Screenshots:



New Car Pics:

Overall results:
VPPs: 13,771.60
Cash: -$224.99
MTT: -$1,091.21
Overall: -$1316.20 (Not including bonuses and FPPs)

October I really need to force myself to play a lot more. Hopefully a minimum of 40k VPPs and a decent winrate to go with it. Standard goals of spending less (yeah right..), getting back onto a reasonable diet and workout schedule and in general being healthier and more productive. As the weather gets colder I'll hopefully find more excuses to hermit and actually achieve these goals instead of going out and getting shitfaced every other day -_-

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  ToT)MidiaN(, Sep 01 2013

I went into August highly motivated and really enjoying playing poker and started the month well, putting in 8k VPPs in the first 4 days despite a couple of heavy nights out for someone's birthday and I thought August was going to be a high volume month. Sadly, in the end, August has been one of, if not the lowest volume months so far this year. It seems this time of year is when everyone's birthdays are and I was drunk probably 24 out of the 31 days in August.

When I wasn't drunk I was hungover or depressed and I just didn't feel like playing much poker for most of the month. Needless to say, I didn't do too well at cutting back on expenditure either considering how frequently I was going out, and I also blew some money on some Poker programs and subscriptions.

There's a bunch of birthday outings (Including my own) this month also and I can see this month going in much the same way as August which would suck because 400k VPPs should be easily attainable, but I might be making tough work for myself in the remaining 3 months if I end up putting in 20k VPPs again this month. I just don't feel motivated to play at all at the moment and wanna do anything but poker really. Hopefully this will change later in the month



VPPs: 23133.13
Cash: +$2548.49
MTTs: -$568.67
Overall: +$1979.82 (Not including bonuses/rakeback)

Same sort of aims as I had going into August. Lower expenditure and put in 30k+ VPPs.

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